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Episode 062 – Laughter, Fear & Connection with Karen Eddington
Karen Eddington

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome special guest Karen Eddington.  Karen is the author of Understanding Self-Worth. She performs stand-up comedy based on the struggles of family life.  Karen excitedly shares the results of her many years of research on self-identity, laughter and the “Under Pressure” project. Join us as we tackle fear, the importance of connection and why you are not alone.

More about Karen Eddington:  Karen researched identity for 15 years, she’s studied laughter for 6.  Karen has 3 children and can catch throw-up like a ninja. She works with women, youth, and families to improve relationships through confidence and comedy. Her real talent is getting a family of five in the car.

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Episode 020 - Embrace the Twitch with Tyler Herd

On today’s episode of Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh interview special guest Tyler Herd. Tyler is a speaker, trainer, coach and father of 3 children. With sincerity and humor Tyler shares how to embrace your imperfections and live life with no regrets. He is the former president of the National Speakers Association Mountain West Chapter. Listen and enjoy the next 22 minutes filled with hope, inspiration and humor.

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Episode 018 - Eliminating Fear & Choosing Clarity with Kimberly Giles

On today’s episode of Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh interview special guest Kimberly Giles. Kimberly is an author, speaker, newspaper columnist and an expert on human behavior and people problems. Good Morning America named Kimberly one of the top 20 advice gurus in the country. Today Kimberly shares how to eliminate the fear of failure and finally feel like we are good enough ALL the time.

Kimberly Giles is the author of the book Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness, and she is a member of the exclusive Forbes Coaches Council. She is the CEO and Founder of Claritypoint International and the Claritypoint Coaching Academy, where she trains coaches, therapist and social workers to use her groundbreaking systems for human development.

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