Episode 062 – Laughter, Fear & Connection with Karen Eddington

Karen Eddington

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome special guest Karen Eddington.  Karen is the author of Understanding Self-Worth. She performs stand-up comedy based on the struggles of family life.  Karen excitedly shares the results of her many years of research on self-identity, laughter and the “Under Pressure” project. Join us as we tackle fear, the importance of connection and why you are not alone.

More about Karen Eddington:  Karen researched identity for 15 years, she’s studied laughter for 6.  Karen has 3 children and can catch throw-up like a ninja. She works with women, youth, and families to improve relationships through confidence and comedy. Her real talent is getting a family of five in the car.

To connect with Karen and to book her to entertain and speak at your next event go to:  www.kareneddington.com

Follow Karen on social media.  https://www.facebook.com/karen.eddington