Episode 063 - Og Mandino & Habits of Success with Dave Blanchard

Dave Blanchard

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome special guest Dave Blanchard as they discuss habits of thinking that keep you stuck, and how to replace with habits that move you forward. Dave has an extraordinary background in sales, management, networking, commercial & residential real estate, television and film – a true “renaissance man” of business. the Habit Finder Assessment designed to help you become aware of your habits. 

FUN Facts:

  • Dave was an all conference middle linebacker in high school and a free safety at Ricks College in Idaho. 
  • Dave is the CEO of the Og Mandino Group Inc. & the Og Mandino Leadership Institute
  • Dave has the film rights to The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • Dave has been married 41 years to beautiful wife Romona and have 7 grown children and 27 grandchildren.
  • Dave has authored of 3 books:  Today I Begin a New Life, The Observer's Chair, Equanimity--ConqueringMt. Entrepreneur 

For a book and a free recordings of the scrolls www.ogmandino.com

To take the FREE Habit Assessment: www.habitfinder.com