Episode 085 – Infertility, Family & Faith with Tosh Mackintosh

Tosh Mackintosh

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome Tosh Mackintosh to the show! Tosh is the oldest son of the Mackintosh clan. He is a successful businessman, a longtime sports podcast show host and the father of three adorable children. Join us as Tosh shares his wisdom, humor and a riveting faith-promoting story of infertility to miracles and more! 

More about Tosh Mackintosh:

Regional Manager at Aptive

Co-host of CougarCast BYU Sports Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher

Website: https://byucougarcast.podbean.com/

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Follow Tosh on Twitter @Lehighroller https://twitter.com/lehighroller?lang=en