Episode 081 – Monetize Your Mindset with Bart Merrell

Bart Merrell

Today on Life in 22 Minutes Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome entrepreneur Bart Merrell. Bart grew up in New Mexico were there were more pigs than people in Bart’s hometown. Bart has never held a “real job”, listen in as Bart shares how to monetize what you like to do, need to do and perhaps are already doing!

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More about Bart Merrell:

In 1994, Bart helped take the first commercial Bungee Jump to Japan and continues to involve himself in creative international business opportunities. He continues to create and develop business opportunities and systems world-wide. His passion is to help others succeed, especially those who yearn to break free of limiting thinking and limited income, and escape nine-to-five overseer/subordinate employment.

How do you do that? Monetize Your Mindset. So many people live paycheck to paycheck – on the edge of financial despair.  One major car repair, an unexpected accident or health issue will push them over the edge. Does it have to be that way? No! What do you like to do? What do you need to do?  What are you already doing – because you want to, or have to?  Bart Merrell helps you Monetize it!