Episode 067 – Grief, Trauma & Healing with Tiffany Coughran

Tiffany Coughran

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh interview Tiffany Coughran.  Tiffany is a Clinical Hospice and Corporate Chaplain, an author of 8 books on emotional wellness. On this episode Tiffany shares tools to bring calm to trauma and healing from loss.

Tiffany’s charity work as been featured in People Magazine, Oprah’s Big Give and also on Good Morning America.  In 2009 Tiffany became a widow when she loss her husband to cancer.  In 2013 the light returned to her eyes when she remarried her High School sweetheart.  Together they have 8 children and 5 grandchildren. 

Visit her websites:  http://www.InternationalChaplaincyFoundation.com/




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