Episode 049 – Food, Crowns & Gratitude with Cynthia Sumner

Cynthia Sumner

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome Cynthia Sumner to their show! Cynthia is the owner and founder of Cynthia Sumner Whole Healing. She is a raw foodist, an author, speaker, Nutritional Herbalist and Natural Health Educator. She travels the country teaching whole healing.  Join us as she shares her expertise in healing through whole healing. She is working on her DNM-Doctor of Natural Medicine – and holds the title of Mrs. Utah County – Ambassador for Mental Wholeness.  Most important she is married to a wonderful man and is a mother of 4 beautiful children. 

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instagram: @thehealingfood

Website: www.cynthiasumner.org

Click here to purchase Cynthia's Recipe Book:  Happy. Healthy. Clean. Living