Episode 040 - Running for a Cause with Mark Robbins

Today on Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome mountain lover and ultra-runner Mark Robbins.  Several years ago, Mark went through a rough patch in life losing several family members and friends. Mark turned to running as a form of therapy. Listen as Mark shares life lessons learned and the power of the mind.  

More about Mark: "I am a husband, father of three, mountain lover and ultra-runner. I was born and raised in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains and as such have a slight obsession with all mountains. 'Volition' is one of my favorite words. The best definition that I have heard for this word is "voluntary sustained effort". In my opinion that is what life and ultra-running are all about. Voluntary meaning it is up to you. Your choice. No one else’s. You are in control. Sustained meaning constant and consistent. You just have to keep moving and enjoying. Effort meaning you have to work for it. It makes it more meaningful. It makes it fulfilling thus there is more enjoyment in the journey and accomplishment of something that may be difficult."

To contact Mark email him at Mark.Robbins@comphealth.com