Episode 037 - Love, Relationships & Money with Darren J. Johansen

In this episode of Life in 22 Minutes, Scott and Becky Mackintosh welcome Marriage & Family Councilor and Financial Advisor Darren J. Johansen.  Darren discusses the 5 Key Relationships sharing his insight and expertise in how to do life better by doing LOVE better. 

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To connect with Relationship & Money Specialist Darren J. Johansen visit Darren’s website at Darren Johansen Speaks 

More Info:  For 20 + years Darren has worked as a Licensed Counselor in both relationships and money. Early in his career, as a financial counselor he often heard couples argue about money management, but realized that there were some relationship struggles happening. Observing their discord, he went back to school and pursued his Masters in Family Counseling. This choice has uniquely positioned Darren with an edge to be able to help families, individuals, and corporations navigate all of life's curves. 

Darren is the owner of Johansen Counseling Services, a positive psychology organization that focuses on helping people to be highly functional in their personal lives and careers. He believes every relationship can be improved upon if we use the tools that are available.

Darren has a passion for public speaking. He has had the opportunity to reach thousands of people with his life-changing presentations about sharing what it takes to achieve relationship success. As a relationship & money specialist, he has facilitated personal enhancement seminars for over ten years. He has discovered the key for cultivating greatness-- The Magic of Relationships, What Velcro Taught me About Love, and Identity vs. Roles, are just a few of his topics. He is a leader in the Good to Great movement. The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.