The podcast launches in

Welcome, we are thrilled you popped into our neck of the woods. Life in 22 Minutes is a podcast interviewing courageous people that inspire, give hope and bring a smile to your face in only 22 minutes!

Our goal is to help you realize you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.

Scott and Becky are a bit fanatical about the number “2”, actually it’s Scott who is more of the number 2 fanatic and Becky just plays along to keep her husband happy.  The husband and wife duo are the parents of 7 grown children, 7 grandchildren and have been married for 33 years but have known each other since elementary school. Now, that’s a long time. So what’s so significant about the number 22? Scott said it began as a young boy whose favorite color was blue. Growing up he played a lot of pool and the blue ball was the number 2, so it seemed only logical that his favorite number be 2. Makes perfect sense. Right? As Scott grew older he realized nothing could possibly be as lucky as two 2’s, therefore the number 22 became his addiction, I mean favorite number.  It was the number on the back of his baseball jersey and the number he searched for in everything and anything. Scott and Becky were even married on the 22nd of September.

Listen to the first episode of Life in 22 Minutes to hear what Scott gave his wife Becky for their 22nd anniversary and...

...other life's lessons!